Fully Automated Laser Marker Rotary Table Machine (RTM)

The RTM is an inline laser marking machine designed to provide unique part number traceability when cycle time is limited and marking time must be optimized. Its rotary table allows the part to be loaded and unloaded by the robot as another part is being laser etched simultaneously.

Located within the automated production process, the RTS is serviced by a robot handling the part. The gripper drops the part on a fixture of the dual position rotary table. This allows the robot to accomplish other tasks while the laser etching process takes place in hidden time.

This laser machine is well-adapted to situations where:

  • Part-to-part traceability needs to be applied inline in a harsh environment
  • Available robot idle time is less than the required laser marking time
  • Parts need to be marked at high temperature and/or withstand shotblasting
  • Retrofit to existing production lines is required
  • Code validation must be done inline after the marking
  • Equipment is required to be compliant with Class 1 laser safety standards

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Advantages of Laserax’s Rotary Table Laser Markers

  1. Mark Parts with Limited Cycle Time
    Marking in hidden time (while the robot is doing other operations) minimizes the impact on cycle time.
  2. There's One for Every Fit
    Different sizes available to adapt to various part geometry and production cell footprint.
  3. Class 1 Laser Safety Compliant
    Your operators shouldn’t have to bear the burden of complex procedures to ensure their safety and the safety of all workers.
  4. Make Every Part Count
    With integrated DMC reading, the RTM addresses the need for quality control to guarantee compliance with the most challenging traceability standards.
  5. Shotblast Resistant Marking
    Laserax patented shotblast resistant marking allows you to benefit from inline traceability while maintaining automotive grade DMC.


Inline Laser Marking System

Composed of a laser safety enclosure, a rotary table, and Laserax’s state-of-the-art industrial laser marker, the RTS is designed for inline lean manufacturing.

Laser Marking on Multiple Diecasts

Laserax has developed the most comprehensive product range for the die-casting industry. We have solutions that allow for marking on curved, slanted, multi-faceted, and other complex surfaces.


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“At Mercury Marine, having parts with shotblast-resistant markings meant being able to track critical parts individually throughout the supply chain. Laserax has been a great partner in improving the traceability throughout our manufacturing operation.“

Alex Monroe, Engineering Project Manager at Mercury Marine


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