Laser Welding

Laser welding is accomplished using the absorbed energy to melt the material between two or more pieces, which will in turn be joined when the materials solidify. During the last five years, Laserax has developed extensive process knowledge in the field of polymer laser welding.

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Why use a laser for polymer welding?

Fast and reliable technology

Polymer laser welding permits the efficient and rapid welding of many plastic materials with great resultant strength.

Low maintenance, low consumables costs

Polymer laser welding systems are very low maintenance and have very low operation costs.

Enhanced versatility and productivity

Polymer laser welding systems are a very interesting alternative to ultrasonic welding technology. Welding shapes can be easily and instantaneously changed through software.

Low energy consumption

New fiber laser based technologies and even CO2 laser based laser sources are now much more energy efficient and offer low electrical consumption.

Laser welding polymers

Several industrial plastic welding methods are known and deployed across the manufacturing industries. They include hot gas welding, impulse welding, high frequency welding and ultrasonic welding. Each have their strengths and limitations, but it is known that laser welding offers many possibilities, high throughput and many other advantages compared to other methods.

Plastic welding of workpieces or films, implies the fusion together of parts under the action of pressure and heat, causing the crosslinking of their molecular chains. There are mainly two technologies used in polymer laser welding: Transmission welding and absorption welding. Transmission welding uses a laser wavelength which is transparent to a first plastic so that the laser can reach the interface between this and another plastic which is absorptive. Some additive can be added at the interface between the two parts to be welded to enhance local absorption if both plastics are transparent to the laser wavelength.

Absorptive laser welding is a process used to weld together two thin films of plastic each of wich partially absorb the laser input energy. In this case, the laser energy is absorbed through the entire thickness of the films. For both processes, a contact pressure is required between the two parts to achieve a strong bond. This pressure can be applied through vacuum or mechanical devices.

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Laser Welding System

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