Die Casting industry laser applications

With the growing pressure from key decision makers for traceability requirements, the introduction of a unique shot numbers becomes the standard in the die cast industry.

How can the die casting industry benefit from laser marking ?

Permanent identification of each part with a unique shot number is becoming the standard for structural castings. Customers require the capability to collect, store, archive, recall and access all process information for every single casting. For many reasons, laser marking has established itself as the most efficient technology for die casting  traceability.


Eliminate fixtures and pick and place robots. With high power laser markers, die casters can achieve in-line marking using robot idle time alone - without adding to cycle time.


Laser markers permanently affect aluminum die casting by creating dark contrast, allowing high readability with both the human eye and barcode readers.


Use the same laser system to mark different metal castings with customized identifiers. With a 3-axis laser marking systems, you can eliminate setup time and switch programs in a snap.


A complete offer for the most challenging die casting industry applications


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3D Autofocus Fiber Laser With Imaging Scanner (LXQ 3D Vision)

With the patent pending LXQ 3D Vision Series, Laserax brings to the market the first adaptative traceability laser engraver to offer the joint benefits of laser engraving and 3D imaging.

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3D Focus Fiber Laser Marking System (LXQ 3D)

Due to its adjustable focusing parameters, this industrial laser marking machine will perform fast and reliable laser etching on various part geometries.

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2D Fiber Laser Marking System (LXQ)

With output power that can reach up to 100W and certified IP67 class protection, the LXQ series is the most efficient and reliable industrial laser marking machine on the market.

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Laser safety

Benefit from all the advantages laser technology has to offer without the risks. Let us assist you in your integration projects.

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Laser Process development

With access to our state of the art application lab, Laserax has unique capabilities to develop on-demand industrial laser engineering & laser processes.

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Custom laser solutions

Customer satisfaction will always be our first priority. Our commitment is to provide impeccable technical support to OEMs, system integrators and end users.

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