Fully Automated Laser Cleaner Rotary Table Machine

The rotary machine is an inline laser cleaning machine designed to clean parts when cycle time is limited and cleaning time must be optimized. Its rotary table allows the part to be loaded and unloaded by the robot as another part is simultaneously being cleaned.

Located within the automated production process, the rotary machine is serviced by a robot handling the part. The gripper drops the part on a fixture of the dual position rotary table. This allows the robot to accomplish other tasks while the laser cleaning process takes place in hidden time.

This laser cleaning machine is just what you need if:

  • Cleaning needs to be integrated in a harsh environment
  • The robot’s available idle time is less than the required laser cleaning time
  • Parts need to be cleaned at high temperature
  • Retrofit to existing production lines is required
  • Equipment is required to be compliant with class-1 laser safety standards
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