Semi-Automated Laser Marking Machine Rotary Table Workstation (RTW)

The RTW is a semi-automatic laser marking machine in which the parts are manually laid down onto fixtures. It features a rotary table that allows the laser marking machine to apply traceability as another part is being loaded & unloaded by an operator.

An operator positions a part on the RTW fixture and launches the machine. The table rotates 180° and the laser marking proceeds. As the first part is being marked, the operator loads a second part on the rotary table. The operator manually triggers the next rotation, removes the marked part and the cycle starts over again.

The machine can apply a laser marked label on various parts simply by changing fixtures.

This laser machine is well-adapted in situations where:

  • The marking can be done at the end of the production process
  • Equipment is used to mark on various parts with minimal setup time
  • Traceability has to withstand post-process treatment such as shotblasting
  • Operators are required to perform other tasks while laser marking occurs
  • The laser marking units need to be moved on the production floor
  • Code validation is required in the marking station
  • Equipment is required to be compliant with Class 1 laser safety standards

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Advantages of Laserax’s Rotary Table Workstation

  1. As Versatile as it Gets
    Use this equipment for multiple programs and benefit from quick start-up by simply swapping part fixtures.
  2. Identify More Parts in Less Time
    Laserax uses the fastest laser marker in the industry. Even though the RTW is manually operated, the marking operation is fully automated for minimal cycle time and infallible part traceability.
  3. Constant Quality Control
    With integrated DMC reading, the RTW addresses the need for quality control to guarantee compliance with the most challenging traceability standards.
  4. A 100% Safe Laser System
    Your operators shouldn’t have to bear the burden of complex procedures to ensure their safety and the safety of other workers. This is why Laserax designs, manufactures and installs only the safest turnkey laser systems.
  5. Mark Parts Wherever You Need in Your Factory
    This laser marking machine can be moved from one production line to another either by operators, lift truck or overhead crane.


Laser Marking Workstation

Composed of a laser safety enclosure, a rotary table, and Laserax’s state-of-the-art industrial laser marker, the RTW is perfect for lean manufacturers.

Laser Etching of an Aluminum Diecast

This video showcases a typical marking of a diecast. The marking comprises a DMC, text and a logo – all that in less than 3 seconds.



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