Anodized Aluminum Laser Marking

When it comes to marking aluminum, the most common laser process is laser etching. With this process, you can mark anodized aluminum on the surface of the anodized layer. This allows you to keep the material’s high resistance to corrosion and abrasive wear. Laser etching also allows you to mark the bare aluminum before the anodizing process. You can thus implement traceability at the beginning of production.

If you have additional surface treatments before the anodizing process, you may need laser engraving. This process engraves the most resistant marks on the bare aluminum, making sure that they keep their high readability after surface treatments.

The result of laser etching and engraving aluminum is a mark that has a high contrast with the anodization color. Laser marking creates permanent markings for all sorts of identifiers. Common applications include marking data matrix codes, QR codes, barcodes, serial numbers, and logos. 

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High-Performance Fiber Lasers for Anodized Aluminum

For the best results, you need a marking system that meets the highest standards. That’s why the fiber laser engravers and markers manufactured at Laserax are made with the very best components available on the market. Our laser experts will also fine-tune the laser system for your marking application. This way, you’ll get the best performance and the best results for your anodized aluminum parts.


High-Speed Marking Systems

Fiber laser marking systems can have up to 500 W of laser power. With this, you can integrate a high-speed marking process that keeps up with your production line.

The Laserax expertise and the high quality of components lead to real results. Our fiber laser systems are faster than other laser systems of equal power. Read our technical paper on aluminum marking performances for detailed information.

100% Safe Laser Technology

Laser etching and engraving machines manufactured at Laserax are 100% safe. When you integrate them in your production line, you don’t need to implement any laser safety measures. This is based on internationally recognized laser safety standards.

Laser marking is not only safe. It also contributes to a better work environment for your employees by replacing technologies that produce dust, noise, and toxic waste on the shop floor. As a result, it reduces the need for protective equipment as well as for safety training.

Fully Automated & Reliable

You can rely on laser technology to provide high-contrast identifiers all the time. This is because laser systems create marks without ever touching the part. For this reason, the high quality of your marks doesn’t degrade over time due to the marking system's mechanical wear.

High reliability also means that you can diminish your scrap rate. Being automated and requiring low maintenance, laser marking makes a real difference both on the shop floor and for managers. 


Mark Without Consumables

Marking technologies come with hidden and recurring costs: consumables that you need to buy, store, replace, and dispose of. Unlike traditional marking methods, laser marking requires no consumables. This offers you several advantages:

  • Your employees don’t need to perform repetitive tasks to manage consumables. As a result, they have more time for more important tasks, and you need fewer employees.
  • There are no recurring costs for expensive consumables as well as for their management.
  • You reduce your environmental footprint by getting rid of wasteful and toxic materials.

The same machines can be used to mark aluminum and other metals just by changing configurations.