Laser Systems

Laserax laser systems offer integrated solutions for specific industrial applications. Our systems are used in diverse industries such as: the aluminum and the steel industries, the die-casting, the extrusion and the converting industries and many other industries in the manufacturing sector.

Laser Marking & Traceability

Mobile Laser Cleaning System

A Laserax mobile laser system provides onsite laser marking and cleaning capability. This mobile workstation provides the flexibility needed for many repair and maintenance jobs. It can reduce the need to disassemble parts for cleaning, marking or general surface preparation.

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Laser Marking By Materials

Mobile Laser Marking System

With a mobile laser marking system from Laserax you will get the capacity to mark metallic parts on site. This mobile workstation provides the flexibility needed for many unique identification jobs. Combine our mobile laser marking solutions with Data Matrix and you get a highly reliable identification and traceability system.

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Laser Marking System

Laser Marking System

With multiple wavelengths, optical configurations, power levels and advanced features, we provide the most efficient laser marking systems for your needs.

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Laser Cleaning

Laser Cleaning

Lasers can deliver large quantities of energy on very small surface areas by laser beams. That energy can be used to remove rust, adhesives, paint or otherwise prepare materials for other surface treatments.

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Laser Cutting System

Laser Cutting System

Enhance your productivity with a laser cutting solution that integrates all the know-how required to provide the performance you deserve.

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Laser Welding System

Laser Welding System

Laser welding of plastics is a solution that integrate the know-how of Laserax to solve your challenge.

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