Mobile Laser Marking System

Laserax proposes the mobile laser marking system as a solution for your on-site marking needs. It uses a lift assist articulated arm. The pneumatically balanced articulated arm supports the weight of the laser head, reducing the risk of musculoskeletal injuries. The three segments of the manipulator provide a reach of up to 2.5 m (8’ 2”). The mobile laser marking solution can be installed on a wheeled cabinet.

Laserax’s mobile laser marker:

  • is designed to be ergonomic,
  • requires no consumables,
  • stores a library of tasks for laser parameters, label layout, etc. and
  • requires little to no maintenance.

Ask for the availability of our high-power version (200w and 500w)

The mobile laser marking system comes equipped with all the elements necessary to be also used as a mobile laser cleaning system.

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Mobile laser marking system advantages


The mobile laser marking system uses a zero gravity tool balancer to reduce strain from fatigue to a minimum. As such, it is a true industrial grade handheld laser marking solution.


The mobile laser system is equipped with two-handed enabling switches. Operators need to wear adequate protective equipment. For more information, ask our laser safety experts.


This mobile laser system can stretch out horizontally to a distance of 2.5 m (8” 2’). The articulated arm has several combinations of tilting and rotating joints for excellent manoeuvrability. It also features brakes and locking mechanisms for stable operation of the laser.


The mobile laser marking system comes installed on a wheeled cabinet.

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Products and options


Our mobile laser marking system is equipped with :


Product Traceability

Laserax offers laser marking solutions for traceability such as Laser Direct Part Marking (DPM), Data Matrix (DM) and laser marking. Our laser experts can help with your traceability needs.

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Industrial Laser Engraving & Marking

Laserax LXQ Series is our best solution for industrial laser marking applications that occur in harsh environment on different metals.

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Laser Cleaning And Derusting

Lasers are becoming more and more popular for removing rust, paint and other contaminants or for preparing surfaces for other types of work. This technology is used for a semi-continuous process on a conveyor or a batch process in an autonomous cell and eliminates all costs related to consumables. Whatever your needs, we have the laser cleaning solution for you.

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Aluminum industry laser applications

Aluminum industry laser applications

Welcome to error proof traceability where you can imprint a permanent heat resistant identifier directly on aluminum without consumables.

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Extrusion Industry Laser Applications

Extrusion Industry Laser Applications

With growing traceability standards throughout the aluminum value chain, the introduction of industrial laser etching systems becomes a must.

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Manufacturing industry Laser Applications

Manufacturing industry Laser Applications

Whether it’s for reducing costs or adding value to your products, lasers can provide huge return on investment in a wide range of manufacturing applications.

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