Laser Cutting Machine

With extensive experience in the manufacturing of high speed laser cutting machines, we design customized solutions that will meet your requirements in terms of processing speed, cutting quality and automation.

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Laser cutting advantages

High speed

Speed up your production with a laser cutting solution that integrates all the know-how required to provide the performance you deserve.

Sharp Cutting Quality

Our expertise allows us to provide the most efficient laser cutting machine configuration yielding clean and precise cutting quality.

Instantaneous changeover

Eliminate die cutting and switch to a numerical laser cutting solution that allows you to change cutting patterns on-the-fly at no additional cost.

Low maintenance

We use industrial laser cutters that offer a high MTBF of 50 000 hours of operations for minimal maintenance.

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Class 1 Laser System ANSI Z136.1

Class 1 Laser System IEC 60825

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Our industrial laser cutting machines find their utility in multiple manufacturing markets that require high through put and precision at an affordable cost.

Manufacturing industry Laser Applications

Manufacturing industry Laser Applications

Whether it’s for reducing costs or adding value to your products, lasers can provide huge return on investment in a wide range of manufacturing applications.

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Converting industry laser applications

Converting industry laser applications

We manufacture industrial systems for laser marking, laser cutting and laser welding of moving sheets, films and industrial fabrics

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