2 Laser Applications for Mexico’s Automotive Industry

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Over the last few weeks, the Laserax team was active meeting key players of the Mexican automotive industry at Mexico’s Auto Industry Summit in Monterrey, Nuevo León, and at la Foro de Proveeduría Automotriz (the Automotive Supply Forum) in León, Guanajuato.

Between October 30 and November 14, Laserax had the chance to meet OEM representatives, plant managers, program managers, purchasers, and suppliers.

Georgina Betancourt, Laserax Account Manager based in Mexico, says people were interested in the following laser applications.

Marking Data Matrix Codes for Part Traceability

OEMs and tier-1 automotive manufacturers increasingly demand that suppliers identify parts for traceability. Mexican automotive manufacturers make no exception.

Visitors at the booth wanted to learn more about marking data matrix codes—the preferred identifier in the automotive industry. They wanted to know why identifying parts is important, and why it should be done early in the manufacturing process.

The most important reason is to better target product recalls. By identifying parts at the beginning of a production line, manufacturers can have complete access to manufacturing information. This results in huge savings by limiting the number of recalled parts to a minimum.

Cleaning Metals Before Welding Applications

As soon as people heard laser cleaning, they started talking about their welding application. Prior to welding, they need to make sure that contaminants like paint or oxide are removed from the area to be welded.

For example, any paint remaining on the welding area could create toxic fumes during welding. Someone even said they did not use their automated welding station for that reason.

People were particularly interested in fully integrated cleaning solutions to solve their welding problems and reduce the scrap rate.

Thanks for Meeting Us!

Mexico is a key player in the automotive industry. Laserax is proud to partake in important automotive events like these in the country.

See you at future events in 2020! Meanwhile, you can follow Laserax on LinkedIn or Twitter to get notified of future events.

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