Aluminum Smelters Want Laser Marking for Industry 4.0

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From November 19–21, Laserax was at the Arab International Aluminium Conference (ARABAL), the most important event for the aluminum industry in the Middle East. The event, which took place in the Kingdom of Bahrain, was hosted by ALBA—one of the most important aluminum smelters in the world.

Here are the two key subjects that grabbed the Middle East smelters’ attention.

The Advantages of Laser Marking for Traceability

Aluminum smelters were interested in laser marking because it offers permanent markings that withstand heat treatments without any consumables.

Many smelters still use traditional marking methods like inkjet printing and printed labels to implement traceability. Those methods present inherent problems because the identifiers aren’t durable: whereas ink is easily removed by mechanical abrasion or with simple solvents, labels don’t stick to dirty surfaces and tend to fall off.

The Benefits of Laser Marking for Industry 4.0

Given that the theme of the event was “shaping the future of aluminium in the Arab region”, the subject that smelters were most passionate about was industry 4.0—or how artificial intelligence can analyze traceability information to optimize production processes, predict which products will not meet quality criteria, and identify other recurrent problems.

An effective traceability system requires an effective marking system. Laserax offers conveyor laser marking machines for the primary metals industry, offering foolproof traceability to meet the needs of industry 4.0 for reliable data.

Thanks for Meeting Us!

For Laserax, ARABAL 2019 was a great opportunity to renew relationships with potential clients and meet other vendors from the industry. Eric Bourbeau (Laserax Director of Sales, Products and Partners) and Majed Al-Sinan (Laserax Partner in the Middle East, Business Development Manager at Lefebvre Engineering FZC) want to thank you for meeting them!

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