Blue Star Brings Laserax Technology to Indian Manufacturers

authorIcon By Pierre-Luc Marchand on August 28, 2020 topicIcon News

Indian manufacturers now have a privileged access to industrial laser marking, laser cleaning and laser texturing to treat surfaces and implement industrial traceability. Laserax and Blue Star have indeed partnered up in August 2020 to offer the best service possible to the Indian industrial market.

“With Blue Star, we can now offer the support that laser users in India deserve,” says Eric Pelletier, Director of Business Development at Laserax. “Indian manufacturers will always receive a fast, world-class after-sales service. Not only does Blue Star have offices all over India, but its experts are also renowned for the quality of their engineering designs and system integration.”

Through this partnership, Blue Star customers now have permanent access to industrial laser expertise. For one, the Blue Star experts have followed an extensive training on laser technology. In addition, remote-access features can grant control of the laser to Laserax experts.

Rajesh Kulkarni, General Manager at Blue Star E & E, explains how this partnership will affect its clients: “Indian manufacturers are increasingly considering laser technology for their production lines. I believe that with Laserax, we can provide our clients with optimal and reliable laser solutions. Their lasers are a perfect fit for our high-tech industrial product portfolio.”

About Blue Star Engineering & Electronics

Blue Star Engineering & Electronics is a part of the Blue Star group, an $800 million engineering conglomerate headquartered in India. For over 60 years, Blue Star E&E has been delivering superior technology solutions in collaboration with global technology partners. The company offers advanced technology products as well as turnkey engineering solutions that meet the demands of industry-leading clients across sectors like the Aerospace, Automotive, Oil & Gas, Steel, Manufacturing, Education & Research, Healthcare, and much more.

About Laserax

As a laser manufacturer, Laserax brings the most advanced laser technology to the manufacturing world, offering high performance, work safety and reliability in industrial environments. With a global presence, Laserax works with local partners to offer quick and high-quality support to its clients.


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