The 2 Most-Liked Laserax Solutions for Automotive Die Casters

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From October 1 to 3, the Laserax team was present at NADCA 2019, a die-casting congress that took place in Cleveland, Ohio. Guillaume Jobin (Application Specialist) and Eric Bourbeau (Director of Sales, Products and Partners) were there to present marking and cleaning solutions developed by Laserax for die casters in the automotive industry.

Here are the Laserax solutions that were most liked by the technicians, engineers, and presidents who dropped by at booth 515.

Shotblast Resistant Marking

For those of you who remember, Laserax announced exactly one year ago its patent-pending shotblast resistant marking at NADCA 2018 in Indianapolis, Indiana. This breakthrough is relatively new. Many die casters are still surprised when identifiers have a near perfect readability rate after a shotblast surface treatment.

This indeed allows them to mark parts as soon as they’re out of the mold, making it possible to implement traceability earlier in their production lines. For quality engineers, this means an improved quality control and process improvement.

Paint Removal Applications

This year at NADCA, Laserax presented its new cleaning solutions for removing rust, paint, and oxide from a part’s surface. Among die casters present at the event, the most popular application was laser paint removal.

Many die casters are used to complex solutions to make sure that a specific part area will not be covered with paint. For example, operators sometimes manually position an adhesive tape on the part before the painting process. Or, automated machines position a metal plate on the critical area. In the first case, operators are needed to perform a very repetitive task. In the second case, the machine becomes clogged with paint and thus needs regular maintenance.

With laser cleaning, die casters can now optimize this process. Forget about protecting the part surface before the painting process. It's now possible to automatically remove paint after the painting process, and this, with unmatched precision and consistency.

Thank You for Meeting Us in Cleveland!

Guillaume Jobin and Eric Bourbeau—as well as the other members of Laserax team who were present at NADCA 2019—want to thank you for meeting them in Cleveland. They hope to meet you there next year!

Until then, if you have a project, have a look at the Laserax machines for the automotive industry, or contact us.

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