New Laserax Office in Bremen, Germany

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On June 17, we announced the opening of a new office in Bremen, Germany. This new location strengthens our presence on the European market and offers Laserax a new place to provide customer service and development. This new office is part of our global expansion strategy, which positions Laserax as a pioneer in laser marking and laser cleaning technologies, to cover the world’s most potent markets.

Laserax's plan is to grow its presence in North America and in Europe as well as enhance its capabilities to have local offices close to the leading automotive manufacturers. Alex Fraser, our Vice-President and CTO, explained our clients’ needs by saying that “a big part of our market is the automotive industry where traceability has become not only a standard but a requirement. With our inline solutions and exclusive technology, we can take care of that while optimizing the manufacturing process for our clients.”

We will showcase our technology and unique offer for the automotive industry at the International Foundry Trade Fair GIFA 2019 in Düsseldorf, Germany from June 25 to 29. Xavier Godmaire, our President, added that “GIFA 2019 is a great opportunity for us to showcase the performance of our lasers and the added value of our inline machines to the global automotive industry. It’s also the opening of our new office in Germany, which will help us strengthen our global presence and establish new business partnerships.”

About Us

Laserax develops, manufactures, and sells industrial laser machines and systems that are compliant with international safety standards. Our offerings include innovative solutions that have been designed for laser marking and cleaning applications to meet the need for tracking and traceability in the automotive and primary metal industries. Thanks to an exclusive patent-pending shotblast-resistant marking process, we help our clients increase safety, productivity, and reliability to sustain profitable growth.

With headquarters and manufacturing operations in Quebec City, Canada, Laserax is very active in the North American and European markets. We have been working with the world’s biggest primary metal companies, such as Alcoa and Rio Tinto, for the last decade. Now, our focus is on unique solutions to meet the need for part traceability in the automotive industry.

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Laserax manufactures OEM laser systems and turnkey laser machines to easily integrate laser marking, laser cleaning, laser texturing and laser hardening in production lines. Providing laser expertise, its solutions are safe and efficient.