Three Industrial Laser Cleaning Applications for Metal [video]

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Here are three examples of laser cleaning metal with Laserax’s laser cleaning systemsLaser cleaning rust, Laser weld cleaning, and Laser paint removal.

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1. Laser Cleaning Rust on Metals

In this first video, watch as Laserax’s LXQ 3D Vision removes rust from an oxidized steel pipe. The use of machine vision in this application may be overkill but it is still a very impressive demonstration of what can be achieved with an industrial laser cleaning system from Laserax.


2. Laser Weld Cleaning

Stainless steel welds always exhibit heat stains and other messiness, the following video shows how Laserax’s industrial laser cleaner gets rid of those stains in an automated and highly repeatable way. The result is a nice clean weld that would make the most scrutinous customer happy.

3. Laser Paint Removal

This third video demonstrates the localized paint stripping that can be easily automated thanks to Laserax’s laser cleaning. The areas depainted by the laser beam are ready for welding, touch-up and other localized post-treatments.

Advantages of Laserax Laser Cleaning Systems

Here are the main advantages of Laserax laser cleaning:

  • Easy to automate: Our laser cleaners are designed to be installed on conveyors or in semi-autonomous cells, with robotic articulated arms or linear actuators.
  • No consumable: The running costs of a laser cleaning system are the lowest of all the cleaning technologies.
  • Light maintenance: Laserax’s laser cleaner has an MTBF of 100,000 hours. They have no moving parts, it is a touchless technology. You may have to clean the laser aperture glass with general purpose soap and soft cloth or change filters from time to time, that’s it.
  • No impact on substrate: You have control over the amount of substrate that is going to be removed, if at all.
  • Requires no chemicals: Management of health, safety and environmental risk create a huge burden on your operations. With Laserax’s laser cleaningyou get rid of it all.
  • Consistent result: Many manual solutions give results that vary from operators and from part to part, with laser cleaning you are getting the same quality results all the time.

Laser Solutions Adapted to the Needs of the Primary Metal Industry and the Automotive Sector

Modular Offer v2

Laserax Modular ApproachTM is composed of the following:

Lasers: The performance of the system is largely determined by the laser. Laserax’s primary focus is to provide lasers specifically adapted to metal processing.
Options: Laserax’s options provide the flexibility that is required for successful implementation in your factory.
Enclosures:  With any one of Laserax’s Class 1 enclosure, there are no other measures required to provide a safe working environment.

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