Visi-Trak and Laserax Collaborate to Bring Part-to-Part Traceability to Diecasters

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Arick Kashalk, Sales Manager at Visi-Trak Worldwide, Eric Bourbeau, OEM Sales Director at Laserax and Doug Ferrell at K. L. Stewart & Associates met at Laserax headquarters to celebrate the new partnership.

For over 30 years, Visi-Trak has established itself as the leader in plantwide process monitoring with die casters worldwide. Its integrated approach is providing its customers with a way to differentiate themselves through higher quality, better efficiency, and improved competitiveness.

“With a shotblast resistant mark, quick cycle time and completely integrated laser marking station, Laserax has accomplished the challenging application of marking die castings from within the machine cell.” Said Arick Kaschalk, Sales Manager at Visi-Trak Worldwide. “Coupled with a Visi-Trak system for process data acquisition and automatic archiving, we can achieve the traceability solution that the die-casting industry needs. ”


Laser Marking Machines Built for Die Casters

“Other laser markers are not even close to being able to withstand the dusty and high heat environment seen at die casters’. But Laserax’s lasers have been developed for casthouses and foundries. They are tough and reliable.” Said Eric Bourbeau, Director of OEM Sales at Laserax Inc.

Laserax has recently developed inline laser cleaning and laser marking solutions. These complete solutions are equipped with HMI, PLCs, dust, and fumes management systems, DMC quality validation, environment controlled cabinets for the laser source and the controllers, and Class 1 laser safety enclosures.

Laserax’s laser marking machines are used to enforce traceability from the unmolding to the delivery of the part to the end user—and beyond. The labels engraved directly on metallic parts by one of Laserax’s laser marker withstand many post process treatments, including e-coating and shotblast.

Inline Laser Cleaning and Laser Marking Machines

Open-Air Machine (OAM)

Specially designed to be serviced by an industrial robot. It is perfect for use next to the die-casting press. The robot holds the part in front of the laser aperture for the duration of the marking and after it completes the other operation in the cycle.

Rotary Table Machine (RTM)

This machine is equipped with a two-position rotary table feeding mechanism. An industrial robot places a part on one fixture of the table and can go on to do other tasks.

Rotary Table Workstation (RTW)

This laser marking machine is fed by an operator. As soon as the part is installed on the two-position rotary table and the operator pushes the start button, the rest is completely automated. It provides a foolproof laser marking.

About Visi-Trak Worldwide

Visi-Trak is a process automation pioneer in the die-casting industry. It has been increasing customer efficiency, quality levels, and profitability for over 30 years. From the first monitoring and shot control applications to today’s complete process automation systems, Visi-Trak has provided industry with the tools it needed to increase quality and throughput while decreasing cost.

About Laserax

Laserax is a laser system manufacturer that provides efficient, innovative and safe solutions for the most demanding industrial applications. We rely on a team of laser technology experts to offer a complete range of products for laser marking and laser cleaning in the automotive and primary metal industries.


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