Highly Integrated Automotive Industry Requires Improved Traceability

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In its very well documented report: “Canada-U.S. Trade Still a Powerful Driver for Automotive Sector”, Export Development Canada (EDC) highlights the integration of the North American automotive industry. The extent of the integration is well illustrated by the fact that almost 50% of the content of a Canadian built car shipped back to the U.S. is American.

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In today’s integrated global supply chain, parts can travel thousands of kilometres and cross back and forth over a number of borders before becoming a completed product – at a price consumers can afford. And this is especially true with the longstanding relationship between the Canada-U.S. automotive industries.

Excerpt from EDC’s – U.S. Trade Still a Powerful Driver for Automotive Sector

Such integration and intensity of exchange requires improved traceability. At Laserax, we feel that laser direct part marking and data matrix are among the best tools to keep track of the whereabouts of every single part throughout its entire lifecycle, up and down the value chain. Check our ebook on industrial traceability, barcodes and 2D codes

Data matrices can be used to code vital information about a part that will become available to all parties throughout the supply chain.  It helps to improve communications and provides the ability to make decisions based on real, hard data.  Industrial laser direct part marking is the best way to make sure that vital information is never lost.  The information coded in the data matrix is as safe as the part itself.

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If you would like to have a better understanding of how data matrix and industrial laser marking can improve traceability of individual parts, contact our laser experts.


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