EUROGUSS 2020: Moving Marking into the Die Cast Cell

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After opening its office in Bremen, Germany and attending GIFA 2019, Laserax continues to show a strong presence in Germany and Eastern Europe. From January 14–16, Laserax was at EUROGUSS 2020, the biggest trade fair for the die casting industry in Europe. Timo Buck (Head of Sales and Business Development EMEA) was also present at the event to meet industry leaders.

Many die casters were impressed by the Laserax product offer, which allows them to move the marking operation from the assembly or machining step into the die cast cell. In some cases, Laserax provides the only solution that allows them to meet the evolving traceability requirements enforced by OEM and tier-1 manufacturers.

Here are the Laserax features that got the most attention during EUROGUSS 2020.

Good Readability After Surface Treatments

Die casters were impressed by the unique Laserax technology, capable of marking 2D codes that remain legible after various treatments such as shotblasting, e-coating, powder coating and heat treating.

Many die casters didn’t even believe that codes could be shotblast or e-coat resistant, so they were given die-casted samples to put them to the test and see the result for themselves.

When die castings are marked at the beginning of production, 2D codes need to withstand any surface treatments performed during the rest of production.

For this reason, surface treatments cause the most common traceability issue for die casters who move the marking operation into the die cast cell.

With the Laserax technology, readability rates are unaffected by those treatments. Not only does this make it possible to provide complete manufacturing traceability, but it also diminishes the scrap rate.

Fast & Safe Laser Marking

Traceability isn't the only concern when the marking operation is integrated inline.

Die casters need to rely on a marking solution that can keep up with the production pace. They were thus eager to learn more about laser marking speeds.

No one wants to compromise safety on the shop floor. For this reason, die casters were pleased to learn that Laserax offers class-1 laser machines, following international laser safety standards.

Laser Marking 4.0

Jean-Philippe Turcotte, electrical and automation engineer with a deep knowledge of Industry 4.0

Integrators and die casters had the chance to meet Jean-Philippe Turcotte, Laserax electrical and automation engineer with a deep knowledge of Industry 4.0. With the upcoming LXQ 4.0 laser marking system, Laserax promises advanced features during the marking operation:

  • Autocalibration – 3D autofocus built-in algorithm
  • Industry 4.0 Ready – For data gathering, alarms, and preventive maintenance
  • Secure & Easy Remote Support – Use of advanced VPN cloud platform features and a web-based HMI
  • Easily Configurable – Laser control and monitoring with Profinet & Ethernet/IP, and web-based HMI configuration
  • Barcode Validation – Embedded barcode verification software

Thanks for Meeting Us at EUROGUSS 2020!

Laser Team EUROGUSS 2020Left to Right: (1) Eric Bourbeau, Director of Sales, Products, and Partners, (2) Guillaume Jobin, Application Specialist, (3) Timo Buck, Head of Sales and Business Development EMEA, (4) Eric Pelletier, Director of Business Development and Product Management, (5) Jean-Philippe Turcotte, Automation and Electrical Engineer
Also at EUROGUSS: Xavier Godmaire, President

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