Laser Marking and Engraving Metal

Lasers allow the deposition of a controlled amount of energy to the surface of metals. This principle permits laser material processing and enables multiple applications. Laser etching metal is one of them.

Laser marking metal yields the best results with near infrared pulsed laser emitting in the proximity of 1064 nm. Laserax has developed a series of near-infrared lasers specifically to cater to the primary metal industry. Learn more about these laser engraving machines for metal in our product pages.

Having adequate laser marker is necessary but not sufficient. Over the years, Laserax has acquired an expertise in establishing the laser parameters that are the most adapted to a wide range of metals.

Read the white paper Analysis of Laser Marking Performance on Various Non-ferrous Metals for a detailed description of marking time, contrast levels and optimal laser parameters for zinc, lead, magnesium, titanium, nickel, tin and aluminum. It is also possible to do laser marking on metals such as steel and stainless steel.


Metal Types

Aluminium marking

Aluminum Laser Marking

Laser etching on aluminum is an efficient process for marking barcodes or alphanumeric characters on aluminum surfaces (sow, ingot, billet, extrusion, etc.)

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Laser Etching steel

Steel Laser Marking

Laser marking systems enable marking or engraving steel quickly and efficiently. They can mark barcodes or QR codes on curved or flat surfaces. Steel tubes, pipes, plates and sheet steel can all be marked.

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Laser Etching Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel Laser Annealing

Laser systems enable fast and efficient annealing of stainless steel. Lasers can be used to mark barcodes or QR codes on curved or flat surfaces that are easily read with barcode scanners.

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Metal Engraving Laser

Metal engraving laser

Laser marking systems enable fast an efficient marking or engraving of metals. They can mark barcode or QR codes on curved or flat surfaces. This process is applicable for metal tubes, pipes, plate, sheet, steel, and other product alike.

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Metal Engraving Laser

Laser engraving aluminum

Laser engraving, marking or etching on anodized aluminum are efficient processes for marking barcode or alphanumeric characters on the part surface.

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Magnesium laser marking

Magnesium laser marking

Example of application includes the unique permanent identification of magnesium ingots, orthopedic braces, portable electronic device housings or gearboxes.

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Laser marking of lead and lead alloys

Laser marking of lead and lead alloys

Examples of applications include the identification of cored stick anodes, ingots and counterweights. The identification may include text, logos, barcodes or 2D codes (such as data matrix and QR codes).

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Automotive Industry

The automotive industry’s supply chain is one of the most complex in the world and given its high production volumes, it is a necessity to put systems in place that will ensure accountability through a foolproof traceability systems. The use of Data Matrix Codes engraved directly on metal parts with our laser marking system provides an indelible ID that will follow the part through every stage of its life cycle.


Primary Metals Industry

Laserax’s laser marking systems are used in plants like yours the world over. A wealth of information can be engraved directly on metal products. It is possible to serialize, include a date code, batch number and texts that contain warnings and instructions, or add your logo. Marking metals can help to differentiate your products from those of your competitors.


Advantages of Laserax’s Laser Markers for Metal

  1. Adapted wavelength - At 1064 nm, Laserax laser markers are ideally adapted for laser marking ferrous and non-ferrous metals such as aluminum.
  2. Wide marking field - Laserax’s laser markers for metals have a 400 x 400 mm marking field. They can  mark parts as they move on a conveyor at high speeds.
  3. Marking distance - Once the marking distance is set at the focal point, our laser markers tolerate a combined variation in the position and geometry of the parts of +/- 3 mm or +/- 70 mm.
  4. Long useful life - Laserax laser marker have a MTBF of 100 000 hours.

Laserax laser markers can be sold as complete, modular laser systems. In these cases, you have the opportunity to choose among our lasers, laser safety enclosures and options for the best configuration for your needs.

Get in touch with our laser technology experts to build up an automated modular laser system that is best-suited for your application.

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